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About Me

Shelby is an accredited facilitator of the Parent Hope Project (PHP) and a qualified teacher.

In life, we need hope. The PHP is designed to inspire and encourage a renewed hope and confidence for parents to be an effective resource in supporting the well-being of their anxious young person. Shelby also provides a similar course, Parent Confidence Project (PCP), to assist parents in preventative measures of concerning issues. The program was developed by Jenny Brown (Ph.D).   

Shelby will be facilitating a Parent Hope Project program in Belmont (Newcastle, NSW) in the near future. If you are interested, please register by sending Shelby a message via the contact form below.

About the project

The focus of the program centres around the parent, rather than the child, who may have already had intervention. It provides ideas and principles for parents to guide their child to increased independence, responsibility and self-efficacy.

The Parent Hope Project aims to restore a parent's confidence in their capacity to assist their struggling child through an individualised coaching program spanning seven sessions.

The meetings provide parents with guidelines to optimize the way they support their child's wellbeing (be it struggles with mental health and/or social/behavioural problems).

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Contact Me

For more information about the Parent Hope Project, or to contact Shelby about being part of the program, please feel free to send a message through the following form.

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